Moral Order a film by Mário Barroso

MORAL ORDER premieres in France and announced in the official selection of the Tokyo film festival

  • 29-09-2020
Moral Order

MORAL ORDER, by Mário Barroso, with Maria de Medeiros as protagonist, premiered this Wednesday, September 30, in France, in more than forty rooms (among them, 4 of the most important rooms in Paris, in this opening week). The praise by French critics has multiplied.

The Tokyo International Film Festival has just announced that MORAL ORDER is one of the films that will be part of the Official Selection of its 33rd edition, which will run from October 31st to November 11th. This presence at the prestigious Japanese festival adds to the Official Selection of the 43rd São Paulo International Film Festival (Mostra) and the 35th Valencia Film Festival - Cinema del Mediterrani.

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MORAL ORDER, by Mário Barroso, premieres in France on September 30th

  • 28-09-2020
Moral Order

Next Wednesday, September 30th, Mário Barroso's film MORAL ORDER premieres at the cinemas in France. The film will be shown in about 40 screening rooms.

In Portugal, MORAL ORDER has entered its third week of exhibition. Viewers can watch the film in about 20 cinemas.

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Special session | MORAL ORDER, by Mário Barroso - with the presence of the director and producer

  • 14-09-2020
Moral Order

MORAL ORDER, Mário Barroso's most recent film, produced by Leopardo Filmes, arrived in theaters last Thursday. Tonight's screening (9:30pm, Cinema Nimas) will be attended by the director and director of photography, and producer Paulo Branco.

In 1918, Maria Adelaide Coelho, heiress and owner of the newspaper Diário de Notícias, abandoned the social, cultural and family luxury in which she lives to escape with an insignificant chauffeur, 26 years younger. The consequences of this decision will obviously be painful and morally devastating…

Portuguese Premiere | MORAL ORDER by Mário Barroso

  • 04-09-2020
Moral Order

MORAL ORDER, a recent Portuguese film signed by Mário Barroso and produced by Paulo Branco premieres on September 10th. The film will be shown in more than 30 theatres. Check here the theatre closest to you.

Maria de Medeiros plays Maria Adelaide Coelho da Cunha, heiress and owner of Diário de Notícias, a free woman who fought hard against a moralistic and punitive campaign that was moved after her escape with Manuel Claro - played by João Pedro Mamede -, former chauffeur in their house, twenty-six years younger.

MORAL ORDER has as a backdrop Portugal since the post-Armistice days, with the country in political and social crisis, and grappling with the 'Spanish flu' pandemic.

Of the remaining cast stand out Marcello Urgeghe, João Arrais, Albano Jerónimo, Júlia Palha and the special participation of Isabel Ruth and Teresa Madruga.

The film will be shown in more than 30 screening rooms. Check here the theatre closest to you.

MORAL ORDER will be released on 30 September in France

  • 04-09-2020
Moral Order

Moral Order, directed by Mário Barroso, will be released in French theatres on September 30th. Produced by Paulo Branco, the film stars Maria de Medeiros in the role of Maria Adelaide Coelho da Cunha, a free woman who fought against the moralist and punitive campaign she was subjected to at the beginning of the last century in Portugal.

Mário Barroso, after more than four decades devoted to the seventh art, is considered one of the best and most famous Portuguese directors of photography, having worked with renowned directors such as Manoel de Oliveira, João César Monteiro, Raoul Ruiz, José Fonseca e Costa, and Jean-Claude Biette, among others. Moral Order is his third feature film as a director, after The Miracle according to Salomé (2004) and Doomed Love (2009).

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Moral Order at the São Paulo International Film Festival (Mostra)

  • 10-08-2020
Moral Order

MORAL ORDER marks Mário Barroso’s return to directing (in a film in which he is also the cinematographer). It stars Maria de Medeiros in the role of Maria Adelaide Coelho da Cunha, heiress and owner of the Diário de Notícias newspaper, a free woman who fought arduously against a moralist and punitive campaign against her in the aftermath of her escape with Manuel Claro, her former chauffeur, who was 26 years her junior. Moral Order has as a backdrop Portugal in the days following the Armistice, with the country in the midst of a political and social crisis and facing the “Spanish flu” pandemic.

The film will premiere in Portugal on September 10th, and in France on September 30th.

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